About me

About me

My name is Lorraine and my journey into the world of Reiki started after I trained in Indian Head Massage at Cambridge College in 2005. I was lucky enough to be trained by the most amazing spiritual teacher. I am not sure if she ever realised the effect her training had on me, but it did open the door to me wanting to find out more about natural healing annd leading a more peaceful life. Making a new friend I didn’t know much about Reiki at the time but my inner guide lead me to start learning in this amazing energy healing art. Over the next three years I worked my way through the different levels of Reiki to finally become a Reiki Master Teacher and noticed my life change in all sorts of postive ways.

For me, many of my changes have been ’emotional’ which I believe to be from using the Reiki Principles and incorporating them into my daily life, which in turn have created positive events and all sorts of wonderful ‘synchronicities’. After many years of suffering with anxiety, Reiki has also helped me gain peace, strength and balance in my life.

My other passions are a love of nature, wildlife and photography. My belief is that spending time in nature and re-connecting with earth is also another natural healer and I aim to bring this into my Reiki teaching. Modern day living has become very materialistic and I feel we have lost touch with our deeper connections. Because of this I try to spend as much of my spare time outdoors emersing myself in my hobbies.

I also have a very close bond with felines and have studied feline psychology and behaviour as well as feline first aid.

I believe that Reiki has helped to open up channels in order to provide a stronger and clearer intention in my connection with all animals. I strongly believe that within each of us is a real place of ‘knowing or truth’ and the choice is ours if we wish to open up and connect to this.

♥ Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday… and all is well ♥

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